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Friday October 1st 

Today's Pricing: $198.00

Paraforge is pleased to announce a limited-time offering of its data universe.

If you are actively looking to deploy capital or pursuing capital commitments, our comprehensive Data Package provides you with unlimited access to more than

20k+ firms, 35k+ contacts, and 150k+ deals spanning 20+ years.


Paraforge's Data Download Event is an optimal yet inexpensive resource for startups, operating companies, investor relations analysts, researchers of private markets, and institutional allocators & accredited investors.



The package comprises an exhaustive universe, giving you immediate access to relevant information and details for raising, research, and analysis.


The data is active and current, spanning all sectors of the private marketplace. You will receive:

1) Firm Info

2) Location

3) Deal and Check-Size History

4) Regulatory History

5) Key Contacts and Decision Makers

6) Accredited Investors

and much more...


Receive specific data for each firm’s mandates, notes, redemptions, liquidity preferences, restrictions, etc.


Gain access to direct contacts including methods of contact, social media, and profiles when applicable.


Paraforge's Datasets are +75% less expensive than what competitors charge for their data. If you currently utilize other data providers or platforms to source industry insights, then take advantage of this offer by paying a one-time fee (NO SUBSCRIPTION or ONGOING FEE).


There are multiple ways for you to get the data: 

  1. Tabular Form via a flat file (csv, parquet, feather, json, txt) or zipped (csv) 

  2. Direct – Database to Database (sqlsever, postgres) 


If you are interested in receiving the data in another manner, we can work with your engineering team. Please contact us at to request additional information. 


Please note that the event comes with a limited number of available seats. There will be day-over-day discounts until the number of seats are filled. 


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